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U i i i On The Bottom (Fraunhofer Diffraction cover) 3:23
ACDC Acdc - Smoke On The Water (Deep Purple Cover) 0:55
Metallica Smoke On The Water (Deep Purple cover) 5:03
Sofia Karlberg Writing's On The Wall (cover) 3:23
Cooper Inc. On The Cover 3:54
Jamie's Elsewhere The Cover Up 3:34
Lera Lynn Wolf Like Me (TV on the Radio cover) 3:33
Beck Mongolian Chop Squad Moon on the Water (Metal cover) 4:54
Bruce Dickinson Smoke On The Water (Deep Purple Cover) 5:04
U i i i On The Bottom (Fraunhofer Diffraction cover) vk.com/bassbooster Bass.prod. by Rekram 3:23
Dr. Hook The Cover of Rolling Stone 2:53
The Human Experience The Police - Walking on the Moon (The Human Experience cover feat. Bee Born The Grouch) 4:48
little mix love on the brain (rihanna cover) 2:45
Kingdom Come Skip the Cover and Feel 3:38
Неизвестный исполнитель On The Beach (cover Chris Rea - sax version) 4:19
In The Hands Of Destruction feat Niсk Panada Lovers on the Sun (David Guetta cover) 3:31
Grudge The Cover Up 3:17
The Cover Girls Wishing on a Star 4:52
Enique Чемпионат (Breezey Montana Cover) YG On The Track 3:54
Kolovrat Pulling On The Boots (Master Race Cover) 1:56
Rihanna Love On The Brain (M cover) in the Live Lounge 3:56
Dog Is Dead 74-75 (The Connells cover) 4:36
The Libertines Dreaming of You (The Coral Cover) 1:46
The Doors & Snoop Dogg Riders on The Storm (Lucky Jam Cover) 1:54
Cactus You Can't Judge a Book by the Cover 6:31
Iron Maiden Queen & Deep Purple Cover - - We Will Rock You-Smoke On The Water Live 5:09
On the Rocks Bad Romance (Lady Gaga Cover) 5:07
Неизвестный исполнитель On-The-Go - I Need a Dollar (Aloe Blacc piano cover) 3:44
Josh Mobley Break on through (The Doors cover) 3:27
Саша FaKeR MKZ Расписать тебя за блядь (Cover on the track USB) 2:43
Concord Orchestra Smoke on the water (Deep Purple cover) 5:39
RockCellos Smoke on the water (Deep Purple cover) 4:25
Mansions on the Moon This Is How We Walk on the Moon (Arthur Russel Cover) 1:58
The Company Stores Still D.R.E. Cover 3:55
Sam Tsui Writing's On The Wall (Sam Smith cover OST 007 СПЕКТР) 3:50
Mallory Knox Lovers On The Sun (David Guetta & Sam Martin cover) 2:57
Man on the Internet Three Fates of Undertale - Random-Encounters-Cover 2:59
27 On The Road Imagine Dragons Believer cover 3:30
Foo Fighters Band On The Run (Paul McCartney cover) 5:08
Tamino I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor (Arctic Monkeys cover) 3:12
The COLLAPSAR Captain Jack (cover by The COLLAPSAR feat Alternica from Silvercast) 2:48
Audiomachine The Cover-Up 1:11
Verah Falls The Cover-Up 3:43
Tim Ripper Owens The Cover Up 4:30
Tim Ripper Owens (vocal-Judas Priest, Iced Earth) The Cover Up 4:30
Undersound The Cover Up 5:17
Natural Snow Buildings The Cover-Up 5:09
Cyberpunkers Beyond The Cover 5:11
Krakota The Cover Up 5:41
RockestraLive I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor (Arctic Monkeys live-cover) 3:02
Beyond Music (Triumph) Under The Cover 2:43
Ползуника feat. Afro-Sama By The Cover 2:57
Nicole Cross Castle On The Hill (Ed Sheeran Cover) vk.com/nicole cross 3:05
Kingdom Come Skip The Cover 3:38
Шевчук Виктория On the street (cover) 3:15
Mighty Final Fight (NES OST) On the Riverside (Cover) 3:14
The Durutti Column Title On The Cover 3:27
Count Basic On The Move (cover) 1:10
Le Fly Face on the Cover 2:58
Ed Sheeran Castle On The Hill (cover by J.Fla) 2:58
New Hope Club On The Loose ( Cover) 2:15
Brother Bolds On the floor (cover) 2:25
Mick Jenkins & BADBADNOTGOOD On the Map (Cover) 3:59
On the Rocks The Final Countdown (Europe Cover) 4:29
Nina Kraviz The Cover Mix 44:27
A Loss for Words Do You Love Me (The Contours cover) 1:36
U i i i On The Bottom (Fraunhofer Diffraction cover) BassBoosted by Shumny 3:23
K lsch The Cover Mix 95:21
intensehorror On the Run (Steven Universe OST cover) 1:17
Zombie boy Go Beyond The Cover 2:00
Afro Medusa, Beatchuggers & Sidelman Pasilda (The Cover Mix) 3:54
Verah Falls The Cover-Up (Uncovered) 3:56
ZX Spectrum chiptune - Qjeta Golden Axe (the cover) 1:37
Jekyll and Hyde The Confrontation - Piano Cover 2:27
Dermablend Go Beyond The Cover 2:52
Sylvan Esso The Cosmos (Porches Cover) 3:41
Bring Me The Horizon The Comedown (Guitar Cover) 4:10
Pentaphobe The Cover of Night 3:32
Mc Estet Дым(cover The Coople) 3:43
Leena Laughing on the outside (cover) 1:50
Leonid Lupanov On the Brightside (NeverShoutNever Cover) 2:00
Василий Bazil On the Brightside (NeverShoutNever cover) 2:09
Shamir On The Regular (Jeremie Cover) 2:08
Неизвестный исполнитель Smoke on the water(Cover) 2:31
John Frusciante Fox On The Run (cover) 1:12
Noorah Turn on The lights-cover 3:10
Cleo-chan on the rocks (russian cover) 4:57
Roza Lemon Kiss On The Breeze (cover) 3:20
Swed On The Turning Away(Cover) 3:45
Priscilla Ahn Fine on the outside (cover) 4:11
Leroy Sanche Versace On The Floor Cover 4:13
Metal Scent Smoke on the water(cover) 4:16
Acoustic-Drive Guitars Smoke On The Water (cover) 4:38
Jennifer Lopez ft Pitbull On The Floor (Piano cover) 2:44
The Wanton Bishops & Oak On the road again (cover) 5:34
Ahn Trio Riders on the Storm Cover 5:36
BOB The Builder on the brightside (NeverShoutNever cover) 3:49
Stephen Cornwell Lovers On The Sun (cover) 3:05
Кулик Лілія Once on the street (cover) 4:22
Maggie Lindemann Love On The Brain (cover) 1:00

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