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White Stripes, The Seven Nation Army 3:51
Penetrators, The Guns Don't Argue 2:56
London Symphony Orchestra, The War Child 5:02
London Symphony Orchestra, The Locomotive Breath 4:23
Hellbenders, The The Hellbenders 3:59
BELOVED, The Sweet Harmony 4:42
Quaker City Night Hawks, The Some Of Adam''s Blues 5:28
Irreversible Slacks, The The Big Gundown (Seconda Caccia) 2:26
Subways, The Rock & Roll Queen 2:50
The Bleakness feat Nightclub Fight Club 1:55
the The PURGE 3:59
the Distance of... 5:12
the.......... Jay Lumen - Metronome on Proton Radio 5:16
Alan Parsons Project, The Sooner Or Later 4:26
Sweet, The Ballroom Blitz 4:05
Steve Summers Band, The Pretzel Logic 4:41
Alan Parsons Project, The Days Are Numbers (The Traveller) 4:31
Wolverhinos, The Whole Lotta Love 3:20
Knack, The My Sharona 4:01
Five Stairsteps, The O-o-h Child 3:14
(the)Dead Elvis Вселенных 2:52
(the)Dead Elvis Здравствуй,вечность 2:37
Hollies, The I'm Alive 2:26
Pretenders, The Don''t Get Me Wrong 3:48
Caesars, The Jerk It Out 3:15
Button Down Brass Featuring The Funky Trumpet Of Ray Davies, The Tequila 3:31
Pussycat Dolls, The Dont Cha 2:44
Eric Street Band, The Don't Turn Your Back On Me 6:50
Engelbert Humperdinck Shadow Of Your Smile, the 2:31
Fall Out Boy The (Shipped) Gold Standard 3:18
(the)Dead Elvis Раньше времени не уходи 6:17
666 666 New Millennium Megamix, The (bonus megamix) 6:35
Heavy, The What Makes A Good Man МИНУС 3:46
Twisters, The istanbul 1:56
Stingers, The Mustang 2:42
Pentones, The Delta Blues 3:23
Bee Gees, The Spicks And Specks 2:49
Brooklyn Rhythm & Blues Project, The I'll Play The Blues For You 4:27
Hollies, The The Air That I Breathe 4:04
Freddie King Stumble, The (1962) 3:14
Cavernarios, The La Roca (Mix) 2:40
Animals, The House of the Rising Sun (rare ultra quality stereo) 4:26
Mason Rack Band, The Naughty Girl 3:32
Wisemans Circus, The Lonely Traveller 4:07
QUOTES, THE 08. Glorious Day 5:19
(the)Dead Elvis Армагеддон 4:03
Electras, The Litle Girl Of Mine 3:12
Dead Pirates, the Ugo 5:58
Drill, The (2) rmx(Why Hot) 6:55
Dead Pirates, the Mel 5:31
Silver Dimes, The You Don't Do That No More 3:42
(the)Dead Elvis Орёл 4:36
Fall Out Boy The (After) Life of the Party 3:21
Lachy Doley Group, The Stop Listening To The Blues 3:00
Chandler Blues Band, The Why'd You Do It 4:29
Velvet Underground, The Femme Fatale 2:39
DFM radio Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers(The 3:24
Alan Parsons Project, The Pipeline 3:58
Wavecatcher, The Flight DH 2126 (Original Full Version) 6:31
Swingcats, The Worksong 3:23
The (International) Noise Conspiracy Only Lovers Left Alive 2:41
2PAC The Game 08 Bury 2:35
Brooklyn Rhythm & Blues Project, The Tough On Me, Tough On You 4:16
Pretenders, The I Go to Sleep 0:56
the kam кроме тебя 1:11
Gain, The Boys 1:45
Watch (The) Hills 1:28
The Caseworker The Inside View 3:05
Byrds, The Renaissance Fair (1967 Younger Than Yesterday) 1:55
Doors, The People Are Strange 2:10
Saints, The This Perfect Day 2:10
Bries, the Destroy the USA 2:14
Stranglers, The All Day And All Of The Night 2:27
(the) Plasmarifle Goodbye Dearest Bethany (I've Cursed Us All)... 3:29
Byrds, The She Has A Way (1965 Mr. Tambourine Man) 2:29
Troggs, The Jingle Jangle (1966 From Nowhere...) 2:28
Lakazans, The Don't Give That Jazz 2:33
Kinks, The Tired Of Waiting For You (1965 Kinks-Size) 2:33
Byrds, The 5D Fifth Dimension (1966 Fifth Dimension) 2:37
Byrds, The Here Without You Mr. (1965 Tambourine Man) 2:38
Weavers, The One for the Little Bitty Baby 2:43
UNLIMITERS, The Casioyama 2:48
Byrds, The Get To You (1968 The Notorious Byrd Brothers) 2:40
Tremeloes, The Here Comes My Baby (1967 Here Come The Tremeloes) 2:43
Kinks, The See My Friends (1965 Kinkdom) 2:44
Fratellis, The Vince The Loveable Stoner (2006 Costello Music) 2:48
Horrors, The Three Decades 2:49
Weavers, The The Seven Blessings of Mary 2:54
Chieftains, The The Tip Of The Whistle (1972 The Chieftains 4) 2:55
Honeycombs, The Have I The Right 2:56
Hollies, The Carrie-Anne (1973 The Hollies' Greatest Hits) 2:55
Lakazans, The Wonderland Words 2:55
Kingbees, The Kingbee Boogie 2:55
HeadLine, The Вождь 2:57
BITTERATI, The Room To Breathe (DJ Purple Rabbit dub remix) 3:04
Byrds, The John Riley (1966 Fifth Dimension) 3:00
Cars, The Don't Cha Stop 3:02
Weirdos, The I Feel 3:09
Drums, The I Don't Want to Go Alone 3:04
Wolverhinos, The Love Runs Out 3:20

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